Monday, 20 March 2017

Blooming Lovely Spring Pockets

These fresh Spring Pockets were made using the Blooming Lovely Paper Pack and Dies.

Blooming Lovely 12x12 paper pack
White cardstock
Scraps of pastel card for the embellishments
Diamond Stickles
Hello stamp
Letter dies or stickers
Border Dies
Velcro Dots
3mm and 6mm gems
Painted Blooms Die set
Blooming Lovely Die set
Flowers/Leaves mini die set
Flowers Die set
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To Make the Pocket

You will need a piece of patterned paper 9.5" x 6"
Score the long side at 2.5" and 7"
Turn once and score for the bottom flap at 1/2"

Now you need to cut along the thin line that is marked on the photo to make the flap and so the sides fold in nice and neat without any bulk.

You should end up with this. now flip your paper over, fold the left side in first and put adhesive along the very edge of the right hand side flap ( I have used strong double sided tape) fold and stick down.

Put adhesive on the edge of the bottom flap, fold and stick down

This is your basic pocket that you can use for anything now and you can decorate how you like.

To Make the Topper

Cut a piece of patterned paper that measures 2.5" x 4 5/8"  then score along the short side at 1 1/4"
Cut 3 borders. I used wet glue to stick them, 1 each for the front and back of the topper and the other to decorate the bottom of the pocket.

You now have the pocket and the topper done

Now to Decorate the Topper

You will need to cut the following

 For each flower, crimp the petals using tweezers, then pinch with your finger to give the petal a firm crease that will give your flower permanent shape.

These are the layers to make the flower, using wet glue stick them together alternating the petals.

Your flower should look like this

For the yellow flower I have added two of the leaves

I've snipped off the bottom of the yellow circle then glued and tucked it just under the border.

The rest of the die cuts I arranged and stuck with wet glue, the flowers I used 1mm foam pads

Cut the letters spelling spring and glue to the topper, then stamp Hello and cut out to add above the word Spring. 

So now to finish, we can stick the back of the flap to the back of the pocket and fix the Velcro to the  front of the flap and the pocket.  Now we can add the Stickles to the word Spring and let dry.

We can now fill the pocket with all our yummy goodies.  I have stuffed my pocket with die cuts that match the theme of the pocket.

I also made 6 matching 3" x 3" cards.

This is my first tutorial, I do hope you like it and that it is easy to follow.  Please leave a comment below.  All your feedback is important to me as it will help me improve the content I show here and I am always willing to learn new things.

Have fun!!
Jo xxx


  1. Very well done Jo ...... thank you for the tutorial . The Spring Pockets are adorable. Kay x

  2. Thank you Kay, I'm glad you like it, I hope it is easy to follow. xxx

  3. Lovely spring pockets and cards Jo, so pretty.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob