Friday, 19 August 2016

Elegant Card And Tag Set

This week has been so busy, with cards to make for commissions and keeping up with stock levels in my Facebook group Jo's Crafty Pad.

  I did, however manage to play with the First Edition Christmas Promise 8x8 pad.  Even though this is a festive pad, you can use it for just about anytime, I thought this one would make a great wedding, engagement or anniversary card.  The colour palette is soft greys and pinks, also it would go with The Promise pad to help it go a bit further if you are doing a large project.


For this card I have used the following:

Christmas Promise 8x8 pad
Stitched rectangle die set
Star Nesting Die Set
Layering Tag Die Set
Flower Die Set
Foliage Die Set
Adhesive Pearls
Bakers Twine

If you have any questions regarding this card and tag combo, please leave a comment below.

Happy Crafting

Jo xxx

Friday, 12 August 2016

How long?

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post.  A lot of things have happened.  Our whole way of life has changed,  I've become a full time career to my partner in crime, my hubby and I too have had to deal with some health issues, hence the change in life style.  I had to give up my commitments to DT groups as I was no longer able to get things done to meet deadlines, and I hated letting people down or just plane flake.  Along the way I have still been crafting, but not to deadlines, it has been the only thing that has kept me sane quite frankly.

As things got a bit more sorted I was able to join a swap group on Facebook and swapped with lots of lovely ladies.  They took me out of my comfort zone and was challenge to do new things.  They are all and continue to be a great source of crafting inspiration and inspiration for dealing with life in general,  my problems pale into insignificance to what some of them out there have to deal with and they still keep going. I am still struggling with the shabby chic look, I love it, but don't seem to get it right.  I have got a lot of lovely laces to practice with though.

While I was crafting my little heart out in my little bubble I found that I kept going for the same paper brand over and over again so unlike Mr Remington I didn't buy the company, but I did get in touch with the suppliers and asked if I could buy in quantity and they said YES.  Yay so what to do with all the extras?  Hopefully others liked the papers as much as me, so I set up a Facebook group Jo's Crafty Pad to sell the extra ones that I just would not be able to use in a month of Sunday's. Everyone has loved them that much that I have regular orders to keep everyone stocked with paper and now lots of other items, including my handmade flowers and embellishment/toppers, that I have
been making for years.

So now I have finally got around to blogging again I want to try and keep this a regular thing,  I have tried to do YouTube videos, but just can't get on with it, blogging is where I feel the most comfortable.  I want to do some tutorial here,  I find personally that step by step instructions the best to follow as I get in a muddle trying to pause video etc (my brain works in a funny way sometimes).
I will keep you up to date with things I am working on, things to do with the Facebook group and if I every do anything exciting in my life I may share that too if your lucky or unlucky, whatever.

xxxxx.  Jo