Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Hello all!

Just popping by to hopefully brighten up this chilly Wednesday by bringing you some VERY EXCITING NEWS!

Firstly I'd like to pass on a few words from all of us at Jo's Crafty Pad.  Casting our minds back, this little venture began in March (where has the time gone?!) It has always been Jo's dream to set up and run her own business and 8 months later, we're so amazed and excited by how far this "little" business venture has come.

Now this is where all you crafters come in!  We really couldn't have come as far as we have without all your wonderful encouragement, positivity and support.  So we would like to say a very HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us on this journey, from liking the page, to joining us each Friday for our sales and buying lots of goodies which we hope you're enjoying using!  Jo has grown to love this little community and is thoroughly enjoying bringing products to you all each week.

As you may already know, Jo's Crafty Pad has developed so much in such a short space of time and we are now able to bring you hundreds of products each week for our Friday sales.  Due to the amount of products we have to offer, we feel it's now the perfect time to expand Jo's Crafty Pad just that little bit, in order to make things easier for all of our members and customers.

We've been working very hard behind the scenes at Jo's Crafty Pad HQ plotting and planning and with the help of Jo's in- house I.T. chap (Dan), we have been developing a website over the past few weeks and are planning to gradually transition from our regular Facebook sale nights, to bring all our products 24/7 via the new website.  We hope that, by moving over to a website, it will be much easier to find and order products from us, write reviews and view the products much more easily, whilst still being able to enjoy the fantastic savings we offer on our goodies.

Although Jo's Crafty Pad will soon be moving to the website, we shall still keep the facebook page up and running. This will allow Jo to bring you news of any new releases, keep you up to date with all Jo's Crafty Pad happenings and to provide a community for members to ask any questions, receive any help you may need and to share all your beautiful creations made with our products.

We will keep you all updated on the progress of the website over the coming weeks, all is going very well so far and so we plan to have a launch date for you all in the very near future (keep cracking that whip Jo!!!)  Thank you all again for all the fantastic support we have received over the last few months, we hope you will continue to move forward with us and enjoy the benefits of our move to the new website!

Don't forget, our usual Friday night sales will continue on Facebook until our move, so please join us if you can on Friday 11th November at 7pm.

Thank you all for reading... Phew that was alot for a Wednesday!!

Happy crafting from Persha and all of us at Jo's Crafty Pad :) x

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