Monday, 31 October 2011

Coffee Morning Wash-out

Well we did everything we could to get people to come in, but unfortunately only two people showed up apart from family. They did however like what we had done and were very impressed and would put the word around at their groups they attend, so hopefully better luck next time.

These things although disappointing are actually a great learning curve and you find out what to do next time or what not to do next time. We know how we would like to set up our products and we also found that we had more stock than we actually thought we had, Mums living room was rather small for it all.

We took lots of photo's but they didn't turn out awfully well, I manage to get a few that I could use to show you what we had available.

Book bug Bookmarks for early readers

Boxes of 6 cards and envelopes, plus 6 gift tags

I designed this card for a recent challenge and wanted to try it out using different coloured mirri card. The silver for 25th Wedding Anniversary and the red for 40th.

Now for Lynns' talents:

She had a very impressive display of her knitted products that have taken her months to complete.

There was one good thing about the lack of people coming in..........

we had lots of cakes to eat. My sons girlfriend made these fantastic cupcakes they were really too good to share.

Well here's to the next one, this was a good practice run and we did have a lot of fun anyway.

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